Staying In Touch

Communication is absolutely key in ensuring things run smoothly in a school with over 120 families. At West Row Academy we do this in a variety of ways:

  • Children and families are greeted by a member of school staff every morning and after school each afternoon. This is a great opportunity to pass on messages or arrange a longer discussion. The staff at West Row will always make themselves available to parents to answer any questions or queries.
  • Each child is given a Home Link book (a small yellow book) that is kept in their book bag. Each day this is checked in class and any messages are responded to. This is a great resource for families who are unable to drop-off or collect each day.
  • Every week a letter is sent home from the class teacher outlining the learning that has taken place, ideas for Home Learning, information about the following weeks learning and any useful reminders. These ‘Thoughts for the Weekend’ letters are mainly sent via Parent Mail, but all are accessible on the school’s website.
  • A class Newsletter is sent home each term outlining the key objectives that are to be covered and any key pieces of information about the class. A Head teacher’s newsletter is sent each term as well. These are all on the school website.
  • Parents Evening happen each term after school. These are a formal way of meeting with the class teacher to discuss your child’s progress. On the alternate half term a written report is sent outlining the progress of your child with an accompanying general statement.
  • An end of year report is sent home in the Summer term to summarise the year of learning with an opportunity for you to come in and discuss it with the class teacher too.
  • The Parent Forum takes place once a term and is for parents to come in and meet with the Head teacher, Deputy Head and members of the Governing body. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. More information about the Parent Forum is found on the school website.
  • The annual Parent Questionnaire is sent out during the Parents Evening in the Spring term and is an opportunity for parents to answer questions about the school.
  • Parents are invited to attend Information evenings throughout the year such as Induction and Phonics. They are also invited to come into class to see how lessons are taught and join in with learning opportunities.
  • Notice boards  and posters are put up outside of the school or classrooms as reminders to specific events.
  • The website is regularly updated with current information, dates and letters.
Of course there is always email. Any question, query or message can be sent to the school via the office – and it will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.
As always, we are open to suggestions on how to improve. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve communication at West Row Academy, please send us an email or speak to a member of staff.