Our values and aims

At West Row Academy we believe in:

  • Every individual being accepted and encouraged, through kindness and high aspirations, to discover their passions
  • Every opportunity being provided for children to take learning risks, grow and be challenged
  • Every heart, mind and body feeling safe and secure enough to be inquisitive, open-minded and inspired

Every child, every adult… to infinity and beyond!

  • West Row strives to be a place where children can learn and develop valuable skills for life
  • As staff and governors we aim to demonstrate respect for children fostering an ethos of co-operation, tolerance and respect for others
  • We aim to provide a curriculum which enables each child to develop lively, enquiring minds, healthy bodies and a thirst for learning
  • We aim to provide teaching which will stimulate increasing levels of academic, physical and creative attainment
  • We aim to foster an atmosphere whereby children develop a sense of pride and achievement in all they do
  • We aim to encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, and opportunities to explore and use their initiative
  • We aim to provide an atmosphere in which self-esteem is nurtured, enabling children to grow in confidence
  • We aim to help children to live together and to respect and tolerate individual rights and identities
  • We aim to encourage children to contribute in a meaningful and productive way to the school community and the wider community
  • We aim to provide opportunities through personal, social, moral, cultural and religious education to explore the wider aspects of life which will enable children to make informed choices and form balanced opinions
  • We aim to teach our children to recognise the contribution and value of traditions and cultures of local, national and international communities