PE and Sports Premium

How much did we have? £8716

How was it spent?

Forest Heath Sports Partnership, which included dance coaching, netball coaching and inclusion in local fixtures: £995
New Cambridge PE Curriculum: £325
Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching: £195
imoves PE Curriculum: £500 per year for the next 3 years
Premier Sports Coaching : £4200
New sports equipment: £2500

What was the impact?

  • Termly participation in extra – curricular sports fixtures. West Row came second in the swimming gala; fourth in a football tournament and participated in a multi-skills sports event.
  • Improved CPD for staff who worked alongside sports coaches.
  • Improved uptake for after school sports clubs for girl s owing to a wider variety of sports being offered, for example fencing and dance.
  • House system introduced and working well. Pupils feel a sense of belonging to their houses.
  • Visual rewards such as medals and trophies helped children to feel a sense of pride in their achievements.
  • Pupils reported enjoyment of the cricket coaching.

What next?

  • Further CPD for sports leader to support monitoring and evaluation of PE teaching in school.
  • INSET for staff on new curriculum resources.
  • PE leader to have more delegated responsibility for PE Premium Funding.
  • Develop role of Pupil Sports Leaders in school.
  • Further develop role of house system in sports.
  • Continue termly involvement in fixtures.

These actions help to improve sustainability by ensuring staff in the academy are in receipt of high quality resources and CPD which do not rely on the availability of skills and resources outside of school. The PE lead will be in better control of the Sports Premium Spend, ensuring that it is spent on improving access to sporting events, opportunities and resources so that all children can benefit.